The Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is an annual event celebration, celebrating the principles of “International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement”. It is celebrated every year to pay tribute to the volunteers participated in the event as well as welcome their precious contribution for helping people in need. This is also the day that marks the birthday of the founder of Red Cross, Henry Dunant. World Red Cross Day 2018 will be celebrated all across the world on 8th of May, at Tuesday.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated by the people on international level to alleviate people’s suffering, enhancing their dignity, protecting their life from emergencies and lots of natural disasters including epidemic diseases, flood and earthquakes. It is celebrated by all the sections of the Red Cross organizations to help people by keeping their fundamental principles, which are humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality, universality, voluntary and unity.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated every year using a particular theme of the year to run this campaign very effectively all over the world. The theme of The Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2018 is “Memorable smiles from around the world”.

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