OTWorld in Leipzig is one of the most important meeting points for professionals in production and development in the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation technology. The combination of world congress and exhibition with a strategic and technical information service, visitors can learn much about the next generation of orthopedic devices. The future course of treatment with orthopaedic interventions is set afresh every two years at OTWorld.

This years’ event successfully took place from 15 to 18 May 2018 in Leipzig, Germany. More than 21,000 experts from the various disciplines and professions involved come together to present and discuss the quality of treatment, innovations in technology, the ‘state of the art’ in their field and visions of what the future might look like. HELLER, a distributor of XFT, attended this trade show and displayed XFT’s star rehabilitation product, G3 Foot Drop System, whose excellent and innovative design has gained reliance from customers from all over the world.

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