Product Description

To maximize the positive effects of rehabilitation and help post-stroke regain the most fundamental physical function in life, XFT developed sEMG Biofeedback FES XFT-2003D for clinical use. This EMG biofeedback FES device aims at the recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function for paralysis caused by disease such as stroke. EMG biofeedback FES device detects the weak active EMG signal of paralytic in real time, simultaneously sending appropriate electrical pulse according to the level of the EMG signal to make active muscular contraction, for the purpose of recovery and rehabilitation of extremity motor function, and prevention of atrophy. The device collects the weak EMG signal of  patient through the electrode attached on patient's skin, and extracts the information of muscle strength level, then simultaneously delivers the same level of electrical stimulation through the electrode, enabling patients move voluntarily.

By its EMG signal collecting and processing technology, medical personnel are able to monitor the whole process of therapy, and thus adjust rehabilitation training plan and intensity. After acquiring patients’ EMG signal, EMG biofeedback FES device is able to deliver Functional Electrical Stimulation based on the detected EMG signal. This is what we call ETS function. ETS also named biofeedback stimulation and is divided into EMG Triggered Stimulation and Power Assistant Stimulation. Under ETS mode, stimulation will be triggered when patient contracts the muscle and the EMG signal reaches the threshold, which is exactly his or her EMG level.

Moreover, under MIRROR mode of EMG biofeedback FES device, the stimulator collects the sEMG signal from the unaffected extremity, and then simultaneously delivers proper low frequency electrical stimulation to the certain muscles of the affected extremity, making the movement of muscle contraction. In such way, the affected extremity can move as freely as the unaffected one. This technique greatly improves patient’s participation in the rehabilitation therapy. More importantly, the matching between EMG level of healthy limb and stimulation to the affected limb accelerates the recovery process.

EMG biofeedback FES device is based on IOS system so that medical personnel can easily operate and control all of its functions through iPad. For example, its multimedia biofeedback training combines treatment and games in its APP. Patients can control the game displayed on iPad screen by contracting certain muscles, enjoying the fun in rehabilitation training. The training actives brain cells, improves recognition and strengthens muscles, and it also exercises muscles in the aspect of endurance, coordination, and balance.

Making positive changes to limb functions and facilitating patient’s life-long recovery, EMG biofeedback FES device, combined with the cutting-edge technology, helps stroke survivors relearn skills and regain limb functions.