I often feel stiffness and soreness after exercise and fitness, sitting at the desk for a long time in the office, I find that the back, neck, shoulder and neck pain are coming quietly...such problems, you may not know it, it is because of the "fascia".


Fascia is an important connective tissue that wraps muscles. It is composed of a gel-like substance. Its function is to reduce the friction between muscles, protect and help muscles recover better. However, after strenuous exercise or muscle damage, the human body will produce fascial nodules and adhesions, which are tightly attached to the surface of the muscle, causing stiffness and soreness.

Therefore, it is necessary to relax the fascia to completely relieve muscle soreness. Medical research has confirmed that compared with the ordinary relaxation techniques like foam rollers and fascia balls, the high-frequency vibrations brought by the massage gun can reach the deeper fascia more. The muscles can be relaxed precisely.

iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020A -- XFT Medical newly launched a more scientific and humanized fascia gun product that is better than the same products in the market, bringing you  a cost-effective massage experience.


Why we choose iEase Percussive Massager XFT-2020A?

The first generation XFT-2020A deep muscle massage gun operates under 45dB with 4 adjustable speeds and 4 interchangeable massage heads. Compact and lightweight, the massager is designed to be 3 handles, easy to be carried around everywhere. Rechargeable lithium battery working for 7 hours after per charge, no worry about power outage and enjoy it. The muscle massager uses continuous vibrations to provide benefits for health.