AED Trainer XFT-120C

Product Description

AED trainer (Automatic External Defibrillator Trainer) XFT-120C is designed to prepare the emergency responder to use the clinical Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in the emergency. This training unit provides a variety of pre-programmed training scenarios which simulates the realistic sudden cardiac arrest situation, which can help the emergency responders to get familiar with the operation of the clinical defibrillator.



1.  AED trainer  XFT-120C has the analog electric shock function. But it does not provide high voltage, to ensure the safety of the use of the process.


2.  AED trainer XFT-120C can training with the real human body. XFT company by use electronic process simulation technology to let the AED trainer can judge electrode's reaction on the human body. It is simulate the real AED to analyse whether the electrode truly connect on the patients body, This is the company ‘s unique technology. XFT-120C "AED trainer" can be used with any other manikin.


3.  AED trainer XFT-120C preset 10 training modes, each mode is simulate the real situation of the heart sudden cessation events, these modes meet the latest international standards of training.



●  It is completely compliant with AHA new guidelines, and pre-configured with 10 training scenarios that simulate realistic sudden cardiac arrest episodes.

●  It is desinged with a replaceable plug-in card which has been uploaded the languages and scenarios. To insert the card, the selected language and scenarios are installed. Once the Guideliens are changed, customers only need a new plug-in card to update the scenarios.

●  A metronome is added to the flashing lights when the unit is counting out the 2 minutes for CPR. The sound that prompts 100 comperssions per minute helps trainers to properly perform CPR.

●  It can be used with CPR Manikin, it can respond if the training pads connect firmly or not,can prompt  whether the position of the electrode pads is ok.

●  It  includes the DC and AUDIO interfaces, the former can connect the adapter, while the later AUDIO OUT can connect the speaker, it's very helpful for instructors during teaching etc.

●  Currently there are 16 languages, if another languages are needed, that will be available.

●  It is bilingual; also has Remote Control function.

● There are FULLY and Semi auto scenarios selectable.


Model No.: XFT-120C

Name: AED Trainer with Replaceable Language/Scenario Card

Power Supply: DC 4.5V/3*AA battery

Product Size:190*150*46mm

Static Current: <200uA

Maximum Current: <300mA

Remote Control

Power Supply: DC 3V/2*AAA battery

Static Current: <5uA

Maximum Current: <10mA 


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