Product Description

The XFT-2005A Rehab Robot Glove is hand rehabilitation training device that combines EMG electromyographic 

feedback and flexible robotics for patients with stroke or hand disabilities.

Using the flexible air-activated muscles as the power source, it helps patients to do passive rehabilitation training 

through pre-set training programs. The intensity of the EMG signal of the patient's limb can be detected in real time 

through the EMG Armband. When the EMG signal reaches a preset threshold, the rehabilitation robot glove is triggered

to help train the flexion and extension function of the affected limb, so that the patient's limb can achieve hand flexion 

and extension movements dependently, train and repair the patient's limb motor function, and prevent muscle disuse 


Innovative mirror training to promote motor function recovery

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Based on the principle of mirror, it adopts EMG biofeedback technology to make the healthy limb drive the affectedlimb and synchronize the movement of both limbs. Under the stimulation of the wrong image of the affected limb being

"cured", the mirror neuron system is activated, and through continuous imitation and learning, the brain function 

remodeling is promoted to achieve the purpose of rebuilding neuromotor function.

The EMG Armband is used to monitor the EMG signal generated during the movement of the healthy limb in real time. When the movement of the healthy limb then triggers the work of the affected limb glove, thus helping the patient to train

the hand flexion and extension function of the affected limb, in order to achieve the purpose of the patient's limb autonomyhand flexion and extension training and repair the patient's limb motor function, prevent the patient's muscle wasting atrophy.

Intelligent Bionic Gloves

Flexible pneumatic, comfortable to wear without hurting your hands

Designed to simulate the human hand structure, the flexible pneumatic bionic muscle is used as the power source to help

patients do active and passive rehabilitation training through pre-set training programs. The built-in pneumatic actuator 

provides highly reliable control of the pneumatic finger through the stable output of high-precision adjustable air pressure,

effectively driving the finger joints for bionic training while ensuring that no secondary injuries such as strains are caused.

Intelligent protection design

Prevent overtraining

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20 minutes auto stop
15 minutes automatic shutdown

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