Product Description

XFT-0010E wireless pelvic muscle trainer adopts low-frequency electrical stimulation technology. Electrical stimulation 

of the intracavity electrodes that controlled by the Host and APP to instead of nerve impulses generated by the brain to 

produce equal tension or equal length contraction of the muscle strength training, thereby improving urinary incontinence 

and upgrading the quality of sexual life.

Reason of  plevic floor muscle weakness:

High impact exercises such as running

Hormonal changes during menopause

Excessive body weight

Starining from chronic constipation

Pregnancy and vaginal childbirth

Smoking and chronic caughing


1. Wireless connection, more portable to use
2. Digital tube display
3. Four working modes
4. Electrode drop detection function
5. Low battery prompt function
6. Bluetooth communication
7. Unique probe design, suitable for different body positions (lying, sitting, standing)

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