Product Description

Exercise recovery requires a careful combination of nutrition and body manipulation, but it is a very interesting thing to try 

out various high-tech recovery tools. The purpose of which is to reduce muscle soreness and to achieve muscle recovery 

faster. Among these tools, there is only one scientific device that can quickly speed up muscle recovery: massage gun. 

Massage Gun, we also called Percussive Massager, it's theoretically as the same as DMS, supporting massage and 

recovery exercises at home.


➤Make Your Therapeutic Sessions Quicker
The iEase XFT-2020T Percussive Massager is engineered in pursuit of comfortable. It can help you in more aspects 
than one. You can get health benefits of iEase massage gun include the followings:
✦Promotes blood circulation                                                                     ✦Activates muscles
✦Maintain muscle mobility                                                                        ✦Qucikly release lactic acid
✦Shape body                                                                                            ✦Relaxing deep tissue muscle
✦Improve body balance                                                                            ✦Reduce soreness
✦Release fatigue                                                                                      ✦Accelerate muscle recovery

➤4-speed High Frequency Deep Massage Therapy

The iEase XFT-2020V Massage Gun equips with 4 speed options, 4 adjustable speed levels vary from 20Hz, 30Hz, 

40Hz to max. 53Hz, corresponding to 1200, 1800, 2400, 3200 revolutions per minute.

➤Portable Allows One-hand Hold Effortlessly
Weighing in at just 0.9kg, the iEase is ergonomic, lightweight and durable, allows you to take it relax on-the-go.

➤12mm Amplitude Easily Target Any Deep Tissue Muscle

Features with high frequency vibration can penetrate 12mm deep muscle groups easily that helps relax sore muscles.

➤High Performance Battery

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery supports about 7 hours working on a 2-hour full charge.

➤10 Minutes Safe Intelli-protection

With integrated design will be automatically off after 10 minutes use to protect you from injury.

➤Upgraded Dynamic Balance Quiet Technology
Up to 3200 percussions per minute but no more than 45dB, will not disturb sweet dream.

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