Electrical Stimulator XFT-320


Product Description

Electrical Muscle Stimulator XFT-320 is a dual channels TENS massager which is used to relieve muscle pain in shoulders, back, waist, hands, foots, legs and other parts of the body. It comes with an electric acupuncture pen. The acupuncture pen can be used to stimulate the small part of the body like the knuckle.


● Relieve the pain in shoulders, back , waist and other parts of our body with electronic toning

● Soothe anaesthetization and reduce fatigue with unique  massage techniques

● Beautify the skin and restore the flexibility of skin with effective electronic low frequency waves

● Exercise the muscles and increase fiber contraction

● Acupuncture treatment

● Adopts digital control system, it does not give any uncomfortable feeling, such as stinging or prickling

● Its usage mode, speed and time control are very well combined to make it operate conveniently


1. XFT-320 applies digital control system, it does not give any uncomfortable feeling, such as stinging or prickling. 

2. Its usage mode, body part, speed and time control are combined very well to make it convenient to be used. 

3. It allows users to select 7 different types of modes and speeds and even to make changes while in use.

4.  Four different kinds of automatic programs to be applied to symptoms or affected parts of the body

5.  If the adhesive pad is not attached properly, it is automatically turned off for safety considerations.

6.  It will be automatically shut off in 15 minutes after the treatment.


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