1. Warranty Period: During the warranty period, if the product can not normal work because of its quality problems, the company responsible for free repair or exchange, and provide relevant knowledge of maintenance. 

2. Man-made equipment damage does not belong to the warranty scope.In case of supply and demand both sides irresistible natural disasters do not belong to the warranty scope.
3. If the user have any feedbacks in the process of using our products, please timely feedback to our company, so that our company can dealt with it in timely. Customer service center telephone: 400 830 0991.
4. Our company will not regularly to provide equipment upgrade services (software) free of charge, in order to ensure advancement of the equipment.
5. Customers can through phone, mail, fax, and other forms to submit the problems, our after-sales service engineer will be provide technical support for you in timely.
6. Repairing services: if customer’s product has some problems and want to repaire; Customer can contact our after-sales service centers for more informations.