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Functional electrical stimulation(FES)

Functional electrical stimulation uses small electrical impulses to stimulate the contraction of muscles that have lost nerve control to restore lost or damaged functions.

Restoration of the neuromotor function

While stimulating the neuromuscular, FES is also transmitting the stimulating signal to the nerves. The long-term repetitive motion pattern information is passed into the central nervous system, creating a trace of excitation in the cerebral cortex, and allowing the brain to restore and re-establish neuromotor function.

Application of innovative therapies

"Repeated and intensive mobility training is recommended for all patients with gait limitation after stroke. Ankle foot orthosis (AFO) can be used in stroke patients with foot drop to improve foot drop, walking ability, and enhance ankle and knee biomechanics and walking energy expenditure on the paralyzed side. AFO can also be used in patients with ankle instability or ankle dorsiflexion weakness. The combination of general rehabilitation training and FES can improve the walking ability of stroke patients better. FES can be considered as an alternative to AFO in the treatment of foot drop."

the Chinese Stroke Prevention and Control Guideline (2021 Edition)

“The muscle strength training of the upper limbs of stroke patients also needs attention. Appropriate progressive resistance training is recommended for patients with milder spasms. Conventional rehabilitation therapy combined with EMG biofeedback therapy and functional electrical stimulation therapy can also help to improve muscle strength.”

the Chinese Stroke Prevention and Control Guideline (2021 Edition)

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